Dawn Of Victory

The war has just begun


After decades of desperate fighting against SKYNET, the human resistance has lost many battles and soldiers. Humans have never been so close to extinction as since JUDGMENT DAY.

For 7 years, the leader of the resistance, JOHN CONNOR, and his TECH-COM groups from all nations around the world, unsuccessfully tried to find a way to hack SKYNET to get access to tactical data, essential to CONNOR’s plan for the VICTORY.

A gifted TECH-COM Sergeant is about to try to hack SKYNET for the last time.

All her military troops will escort her to a terminal in France…
if everything goes as planned…




This movie, made without funding, is a 5 years work of investigation of what could have been the Future War between T1 and T2. In order to be as much respectful to James Cameron’s and Gale Anne Hurd’s vision, and the chronology of events, our story is also based on the novels by Randall Frakes and W. H. Wisher and the storyboards of T1, T2 and T2-3D


We are working hard on special effects and music score. In other words, we still have a lot of work to do. Nevertheless, the movie is scheduled on August 29, 2021 on YouTube.

The trailer can be watched here.

In the meantime, stay tuned and keep fighting the machines!


Maquillage pour le film Terminator : Dawn of Victory

Terminator: Dawn of Victory is a non-profit Terminator fan-film based in the Future War.
We, LyLuLe Creative, filmed Julie ZIMMER’s fate. We were lucky to find ruins of fortified group of forts in France, which were used during World War I and World War II. This was VERY scary, especially during night shooting. We’ve been able to share the feelings of soldiers and prisoners during these wars, as if there were ghost around us, telling us what they suffered because of human folly … this same human folly which creates SKYNET and nuclear weapons in Terminator.
This fits perfectly to a post-apocalyptic future after Judgment Day.
We were lucky to collaborate with people around the world, who believed in us and had the same passion and motivation as we have:
• « Kos & Kat » (Italy) who adapted their covers for us (Police Station and The Terminator Theme) and incited us to create our own music for the movie.

 • « Grant Evans-ThatSFXguy » (England) who allowed us to use his sounds in the movie.

TEKSYN PROJECTS (USA) who played the John Connor’s Tech-Com in America.

All together we are creating this film that, we hope, will live up to our expectations.

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